Celebrate Your Body: Call for Designers & Stylists!

Fashion. Fun. Celebration. Renewal. Kearny Street Workshop, in partnership with SOMArts, is once again bringing back the Celebrate Your Body runway in April 2020.

Do you value creativity, self-expression, diversity, and accessibility? Are you willing to create or repurpose clothing and accessories for a range of bodies– inclusive of all shapes, sizes, genders, ethnicities, ages, and abilities? Do you reject the rigid definitions of health and beauty represented in mainstream fashion? Then we encourage you to apply!

Though Celebrate Your Body aims to showcase quality designs and styles by innovative, forward-thinking fashion designers and stylists, CYB is first and foremost a community-centered event. We seek an inclusive runway, empowering ALL bodies. Every year we ask our designers to stretch or enforce their vision by designing for models of varying shape, gender identity and ability. Expect to work with a wide range of models, from seasoned professionals to those learning to walk the runway for the first time. CYB is about us belonging to our bodies and our selves. We value body empowerment, uplifting our communities, and, of course, celebration! And we’re looking for designers who feel the same.


Due December 20, 2019 at 11:59 PM. Successful applicants will be notified on or before January 5, 2019. 100% of proceeds from Celebrate Your Body will benefit KSW, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Kearny Street Workshop